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  • Since 2012 the term "Digital Nomad"  has become more widely used & is now approaching mass status - but what does this mean? Simply this: When th

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  • Do not let anyone tell you that the life of a Digital Nomad is all "Milk and Honey" because it's anything but! Here's the reasons why: Living the D
  • No matter how thoroughly you plan to become a Digital Nomad, somewhere along your journey, something is likely to go pear shaped! Here's a case in poi
  • “Digital Nomads” are location independent people, who can live & work anywhere on the planet if they so choose - but there's more to it than t

Becoming A Digital Nomad

This website is all about demystifying what being a Digital Nomad means - as well as to provide anyone with the desire to become a Digital Nomad with the means to start their own journey. If you would prefer to work to live, rather than living to work & you are realising that life shouldn't be about working just to pay bills - then you should consider the Digital Nomad option.

Becoming A Digital Nomad
  • Luggage Wars!

  • German Life 1

  • German Life 2

  • German Life 3

  • German Life 4

Luggage Wars

20160312_113631With over 5 million passengers a month travelling through Frankfurt airport it's only natural that some luggage goes astray - so what happens to those items whose owners can't be found?

They get auctioned off (with the proceeds going to charity)!

Went to my first auction last weekend & it was a blast - even picked up a couple of bargains! Will definitely go back again (the auctions are held each month)

How Far is Too Far?

12088256_1064942333517075_5048493423821177627_nDistances here are not like they are in Australia - I can drive non stop all day & still not leave Queensland but today I had breakfast in Germany, then drove to Strasbourg in France for lunch & ended the day with dinner in Geneva, Switzerland!

It's All Relative

12239948_1075433219134653_5910387405470131387_nEinstein had his theory on relativity - I have my own, and it's to do with temperatures. See, when living in Noosa, Australia, any temperature below 16C I considered to be cold & would be wearing long sleeved shirts, trousers and a jacket. But my perspective seems to have changed now that I'm living in Germany - where any temperature above 12C results in me wearing trousers and a long sleeve shirt to take advantage of the warm weather! This, after just 3 months in the country - after 6 months don't be surprised to see me in the snow wearing board shorts and a T shirt!

What Time Will We Meet?

11846671_1027942720550370_2615233911703008105_nWhen a German tells you that they will be meeting you at half ten don't make the mistake of turning up at 10.30 because you'll be an hour late!

Like a lot of things in Germany, the language is very literal. So "Half ten" is just that - half before ten viz; 9.30. You have been told!

The Duality of Language

SchmuckLanguage is a funny beast. For a race renowned for their seriousness they sure have some funny names! Mind you, I guess that English has some beauties too smile emoticon Whilst riding my bike to the pub tonight I came across this pearler. I'm told it means "Jewellery gallery" - I'm not convinced that it's not a reference to those sugar daddy types who throw money at their girlfriends like confetti

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