The Italian Job

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Is 10 days touring Northern Italy a real job?? It is when you’re a Digital Nomad! This was our biggest trip so far on our European adventure – 2 weeks touring Northern Italy, with side trips to Switzerland & Monaco thrown in for good measure. Our first stopover was Innsbuck, Switzerland – it’s about a

Viva Las Vegas!

Does what happens in Vegas  stay in Vegas?? Well, it’s certainly supposed to but, on this occasion, I’m breaking the rules (again!) ‘ cause I’m going to tell you a few things about this trip – not everything mind you (a man has gotta have some mystery about him!). We went to Vegas to get

Mindset Matters

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A Digital Nomad’s success is down to their mindset…… There’s a lot to be said for being able to work from anywhere and to the beat of your own drum – it provides a sense of freedom that most people rarely experience, except perhaps when they go on holiday. This is probably one of the

Ahh… Vienna

  Vienna truly is an amazingly beautiful city! OK, so the middle of winter is not an ideal time to go sightseeing in a European city but Vienna has captured my heart – the architecture, the people, the culture – it’s fabulous! We decided to come here for a weekend getaway in celebration of my

Who Loves You?

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No man is an island – or so says the famous 17th Century English poet John Donne. Whilst the attraction of becoming a Digital Nomad has a lot to do with having the freedom of choice to do what you love, it is going to impact on the lives of people who are close to

Self Discipline

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To be a success at anything requires effort and effort requires energy. If you are going to successfully make the transition to becoming a Digital Nomad, you are going to need to make yourself largely energy self-sufficient – from a motivation point of view. Motivation can be delivered in two ways –   “Intrinsically” &

My Story

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My story so far!   My guess is that you want to know a little about my background and the journey that led me to becoming a Digital Nomad – so here it is! I don’t want to bore you with every little detail of my professional and personal life to date, so here’s the