Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

Anniversaries definitely don’t get any more romantic than this!

We all want to spoil the ones we love – well, I know that I do & I don’t consider myself to be very much different to you. But how often do we really get the chance to do just that?

My wife & I have both been in previous marriages that, for one reason or another, just didn’t work. This time, however, we have both struck it rich – we know that we are meant for each other & we’re loving the difference that makes in our lives.

2016 marks 10 years since we were married to each other (April 15th in case you’re wondering!) – for me, that is a significant milestone as my first marriage went south after just 7 years. So, I wanted to make sure that the occasion did not go by without a suitable celebration!

Digital Nomad castle

Castle Schoenburg

So I organised a special weekend for us – I booked a weekend away at 12th Century castle that has been renovated into a boutique hotel called “Burghotel Auf Schoenburg”.

I hired an Audi A5 convertible for the drive, which was a little over an hour from where we live. My wife had no clue – I picked her up early from work on the Friday afternoon (which I had arranged with her boss earlier in the week). When I walked into her classroom (students leave at midday on Fridays) she was gobsmacked – & when I told her to stop work & come with me, she didn’t know what was going on!

Digital Nomad Audi

Driving in style

We headed outside & she saw the car & that’s when I told her we were going away for the weekend! She was stoked. I had packed a bag for her (basically most of her wardrobe as I wasn’t sure what she would want to wear!) & we drove down to Oberwesel (the town where the castle is) – I had even made up a batch of our favourite cocktail for the drive down.

What an amazing place! Whilst the castle & grounds have been fully renovated for modern times, renovations have been masterfully done so as to not alter the ambience of the place.

Digital Nomad room

This is a bed!

Our room had views of the Rhine river & featured an old fashioned four poster bed, as well as a small nook which featured a table underneath the window with views to the Rhine.  . When we arrived at the hotel there was a bottle of champagne waiting for us in our room (also prearranged by yours truly).

Digital Nomad welcome

Arrival Essentials!




To say that my wife was impressed would be an understatement!

That evening we had a romantic dinner in the Hotel’s restaurant at a specially reserved table.

The next day (Saturday), we explored the castle & its grounds then, in the afternoon, we were taken for a tour of the local area by one of the local Vignerons, who took us back to his winery for an exclusive tasting of the wines his family produces.

Digital Nomad Soonek

Soonek CAstle

After a leisurely Sunday champagne breakfast we drove homeward & explored two more castles along the Rhine before stopping for lunch in a quaint German town called Bingen.

Driving along in our Audi A5 with the roof down – Rhine river to our left & hills to our right – was wonderful!

The whole weekend was perfect & one that the two of us will never forget.


To have the time and flexibility to be able to organise and enjoy something like this is what being a Digital Nomad is really about – you can actually enjoy creating some memories, not just for yourself but for those you really care about!

Life is for living & you can’t call the 9-5 grind that many people trap themselves in as “Living”.

Existing perhaps but certainly not living. Don’t let your life get away from you – start working towards freeing yourself from the everyday so that you, too, can create the sort of memories you can cherish forever.

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