My name is Dennis & I’m proud to be able to call myself a “Digital Nomad”.

I’ve being working on achieving “Nomad” status for a little over three years & have learned a lot along the way…….

…. the purpose of this website is to demystify what being a Digital Nomad means – as well as to provide anyone with the desire to become a Digital Nomad with the means to start their own journey.


Have I got all the answers to the challenges of what being¬† (or aspiring to be) a “Digital Nomad” represents?

Definitely not!

But I have learned some valuable lessons that could save anyone considering this path a lot of time, pain & cost.


The website features not only my story (so far), but also a bundle of resources & tools that I have found useful – along with observations and insights gained along the way.


I’m also going to feature other Digital Nomads’ experiences – through articles and podcasts – as well as sharing the resources and tools that they use (where they are prepared to share those “Secrets” with us).


This is, most definitely, a work in progress – those that choose to visit the site often will see plenty of changes and additional information as our collective journey unfolds. Who knows – maybe some of you will also have valuable contributions to make if you decide to share your journey with us!


Why not start with an insight into my journey? You can see that HERE