Challenges Facing A Digital Nomad

Challenges Facing A Digital Nomad

November 22, 2015 by in Comment (0)

Do not let anyone tell you that the life of a Digital Nomad is all “Milk and Honey” because it’s anything but! Here’s the reasons why:

Living the Digital Nomad life provides you with more flexibility on how (& where) you can live your life.

It’s also not without its challenges – here are just a few issues you are going to need to consider before making the decision to go digital:


Time Zones

As a “Digital Nomad” you will no longer be constrained so much by issues of geography (such as where you are in relation to your customers, employers, etc) but by issues of time. When you are just getting up, they might already have finished for the day!



Yes, even Nomads have to pay tax! So under what taxation regime (read country) are you going to fall? Please don’t try to claim that because you are a “Nomad” you are not technically a resident of anywhere & so are not subject to tax – you will probably come down with a giant “Thud!” on that.

See a tax professional in your main country of residence (or preferred country of residence if you are flitting here & there) & get an expert opinion to base your decisions on.


Local Laws

Wherever you end up, there will be local laws that you will be subject to – either in operating a business or simply living day to day. Foreign jails are no place for Digital Nomads & that’s where you’ll end up if you’re not careful.


Work Visas

Most countries require any visitors to have a visa if they intend to undertake any form of work – a Digital Nomad still works (it’s not a retirement mantle) – understand what those requirements are and comply with them.



Digital Nomads need social contact (unless the Hermit lifestyle is your preference) &, whilst a Nomad’s lifestyle is more relaxed & flexible, you are not on holiday – you’re simply living a “Location independent” lifestyle. So, how do you intend to meet new people and what social circles do you want to develop?

Hint: having friends on Facebook (or other social media platforms) is not social contact! You need to “Press the flesh” – shake a few hands & be face to face with people if you are going to have a rich& fulfilling lifestyle.


These are by no means the only challenges you are going to have to contend with – you can get some more insights on challenges through my series of interviews with fellow Nomads & some challenges are so complex that they each warrant their own guide.

Again, you will find more of these in other areas of this site. If you are experiencing a challenge that I haven’t dealt with, feel free to make contact & we can discuss it one to one.