Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

September 22, 2015 by in Comment (0)

No matter how thoroughly you plan to become a Digital Nomad, somewhere along your journey, something is likely to go pear shaped! Here’s a case in point:

Before we made the move to Germany we advised all of the financial institutions we have accounts with (both business and personal) of our planned move, when it would be and where to.

That way, we figured, we would not get any nasty surprises when we went to use a card overseas only to have the bank reject it.


Sounds good in theory – right? And on our plan that line had a big tick against it. Only thing was…. it didn’t work that way!


The second time we went to use our cards, they were rejected! Making calls to your financial institution from overseas (especially when time zones are vastly different) is no laughing matter – we got it sorted out & our banks were pretty good (we have two banks we use – just in case one bank’s systems don’t support the systems where we are at the time), but, simply put, neither had any record of our advice prior to leaving!

We had a back up option (cash is accepted everywhere) – and that’s what you need too – a back up position for those “What if…?” scenarios you should work out as a part of your planning process.

Just because you can’t plan for everything is no excuse for having no plan at all!

The bottom line is this – the more thorough your planning is, the fewer things are going to happen that will catch you unawares.