There’s No Rain In Spain

There’s No Rain In Spain

One of the advantages of living in Europe is…… that you are so close to so many other countries & cultures. Combine this with the flexibility of the Digital Nomad lifestyle & you have an enormous amount of possibilities to explore!

Case in point, my brother is currently living in Spain for a year – because he just wanted to. He’s a Digital Nomad like me, with a web based business servicing Australian clients. He has been studying Spanish for a few years & thought he could improve his understanding of the language by moving to Spain.

Digital nomad poolside

Poolside at my Brother’s hacienda

As my wife & I are based in Germany, we’re only a little over an hour’s flying time from each other so, over the Easter period just passed, we decided to go pay him a visit & we had an awesome time!

Apart from spending time with my brother & his wife, the best part of this trip was the weather – every day was over 20C with clear skies which, when you are living in Frankfurt with temperatures hovering around 10C & grey skies, is quite a plus.

Digital Nomad in Spain

Flamenco Dancers


Another of the trip’s highlights was an evening at the Condado Club

in Alicante, where we were treated to a Flamenco dance show over dinner. The four artists (guitarist, vocalist & two Flamenco dancers) were fantastic & the food was really good.

Trips to spend time with family are always special – spending time together is just as good as tripping around sightseeing. So, we

Digital Nomad Valencia

View from our balcony

balanced our time in Spain between these two activities. My brother’s wife, Karen, is a great hostess & made sure that we were never short of anything to eat or drink whilst we were staying with them.

It was great to just kick back & relax with a glass of Sangria & a plate of cheeses, olives & crackers whilst looking out over the Spanish countryside.

Digital Nomad

Benidorm – A piece of England in Spain


We also made a point of  going to Benidorm – a nearby coastal town that is a Mecca for British tourists in the holiday season. It’s a nice enough place, & there’s certainly plenty to do there but I wouldn’t call it Spanish any more! The local businesses’ desire to cater to the British tourists has resulted in a myriad of British bars & restaurants along the sea front – if it wasn’t for the warm weather & sunshine you could swear you were in England, especially if you closed your eyes & listed for the accents of those talking around you!

I even had fish n chips with a pint of beer for lunch!

Digital Nomad lunching

Lunch in Alzira

Alzira was a nice town, & certainly a lot more Spanish in feel than is Benidorm. We had lunch & did a little bit of shopping here. Actually my brother (Jeff) & I had a nice coffee whilst our wives did a bit of shopping – then we all met up for lunch!

We only spent five days here (wish it could have been longer) but would definitely like to come back. The Valencia region is very appealing & has a very laid back feel to it – mind you, the weather is a real plus.

Digital Nomad family

The Halls are here

So, another country ticked off our “To do” list (whilst we are based in Europe), a great catch up with family & lots of memories created – this Digital Nomad lifestyle definitely has its benefits!



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