Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas!

Does what happens in Vegas  stay in Vegas??

Well, it’s certainly supposed to but, on this occasion, I’m breaking the rules (again!) ‘ cause I’m going to tell you a few things about this trip – not everything mind you (a man has gotta have some mystery about him!).


Venetian Hotel Foyer

We went to Vegas to get some sun, do some shopping & catch a few shows – we did all of that & a bit more besides!

Being a Digital Nomad gives you the flexibility to  go just about anywhere, provided there’s an internet connection & the Venetian Hotel (our resting place for our 7 days away) certainly has that!

Vegas is probably our favourite party city on the planet – we’ve been here 6 times now & we never tire of the atmosphere, even though we don’t gamble (honest!).

Despite the number of times we’ve been here, there’s always something more to see & do. Of course, the shows are constantly changing. This time we saw three – “Menopause the Musical” (about THAT change in life & a hoot!), “Million Dollar Quartet” (all about the night Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Elvis & Jerry Lee Lewis got together at Sun records for a jam session) & “Jabberwockies” (a high energy street dance show – wow!!).

Alien v Digital Nomad

Meeting the Alien Jerky management team

Then there were our road trips. We hired a BMW 4 series convertible (as you do!) & headed off to Barstow in California to have lunch with our Californian niece – it’s great to visit family that you wouldn’t normally get to see (& us Digital Nomads can do a lot of that!). Along the way we stopped at Baker – a small town just across the Nevada/California border that is the gateway to Death Valley & home to “Alien Jerky”, a “Close encounters” themed tourist shop (here I am with one of the owners).

The town is also home to the world’s largest thermometer!

World's Largest Thermometer

World’s Largest Thermometer

We also headed out to Red Rock Canyon & drove around some spectacular desert landscapes.


My “Temporary” office

My wife (Iris) wanted to do some shopping & for that we headed to the Las Vegas South outlet mall & picked up some real bargains – we definitely will not be short of spring & summer clothes when the weather warms up in Germany!

Unfortunately, I had to do some work whilst we were away – you can see me here in my “Office” – which was a small part of our fabulous suite at The Venetian (they really looked after us!). Still, there are worse places to be and definitely worse places to work – so no complaints from me!

As us Digital Nomads say, “Have laptop will travel!”

Pawn StarThere were a couple of places I wanted to check out on this trip, namely “Rick’s Restorations” from the “American Restorations” TV show & the “Gold & Silver Pawn Shop” as featured in “Pawn Stars” on TV.  They have a photo postcard machine in the store that I grabbed a shot on! Both were a real buzz – now when I watch the shows I can say “Been there!”


High Roller

There’s a great new attraction on the Strip now called the “High Roller” – supposedly the world’s largest ferris wheel, modelled after the “London Eye”. It is a real eye popper with fantastic views of the Vegas skyline at night & is surrounded by bars, restaurants & boutique stores

Of course, no trip to Vegas would be complete without a visit to “Freemont Street” or “Downtown” as the locals refer to it – this is the old part of Vegas, where the first Casinos first arose, long before the mega structures arose on The Strip. Had a great brunch there (you never get up early enough to call it breakfast in Vegas!) at the Golden Nugget Hotel diner.

We also went on the “Zip Line” (“Slot Zilla”) for the first time – it’s a type of flying fox that is strung high above Freemont Street, except you lay horizontally, with hands free, looking down on everyone below as you zoom from one end of the street to the other. It’s the closest thing to flying & is a real buzz!

IMG_0442We definitely needed a drink after that one!

So, 7 days away, engaged in some new experiences, revisited some old ones & created a whole lot of lifelong memories!

We’re already planning our next trip – this time to northern Italy – in late March – stay tuned & I promise to reveal (nearly) all!

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