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Magnificent Malta

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Malta – history & scenery that will amaze you! For those of you who might not know where this little jewel of the Mediterranean is – it’s about 93km south of Sicily & 300 Km off the coast of North Africa. We got there on a flight out of Frankfurt via Brussels (with a direct flight

Deck the Halls

Christmas is a time for family, even in Germany. However, living in Frankfurt means that we are apart from most of our family back in Australia. Last Christmas our daughter Jasmine, was with us but this year she is back in Australia. As it happens my brother Jeff & his wife Karen are spending a

I Still Call Australia Home

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German life is good – but it isn’t home. This was confirmed to me when I went back to Australia for a short visit. This particular story had its origins back in August 2016 when, coincidentally, two of my Australian clients inquired about the possibility of me doing some work for them during November & December.

Blast From The Past

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My wife has left me – what to do??? So, I find myself at a bit of a loose end during October. Normally my wife & I would be off tripping somewhere together but, this year, she has flown back to Australia to surprise her Mother for her 75th birthday (& to catch up with

Summer Draws to a Close

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European life has its advantages – winter isn’t one of them (unless you’re an avid skier)! By far the biggest advantage of living here is the proximity of interesting places, along with other countries & cultures. Take Frankfurt as an example – most people, when considering a visit to Germany, immediately think of Berlin or

Five Challenges of Being a Digital Nomad

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Being a Digital Nomad has Hidden Pitfalls  I know that look of pure envy when I tell people that, in my line of work, I can literally work from any place and at any time! Whilst it’s true that us Digital Nomads have a lot of flexibility in our working environment we still have to

We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday

Here’s where the Digital Nomad lifestyle really starts to pay dividends…… My daughter, Cristal, came from Australia (Melbourne to be precise) to stay for 3 weeks – so we organised an itinerary to see as much of Europe (& each other) as we possibly could! She had been planning the trip for a while, so we

The UK Is OK Thanks!

Is England still the same after the Brexit result? Yes, & no – depending on who you talk to! My wife & I decided to pay a visit to my homeland to see what the mood in Britain is right now – & to catch up with some relatives that I haven’t seen for more


Bah humbug! Is what I say to those “Experts”! Why do we allow ourselves to be manipulated by these so called “Experts” with their incessant doomsday predictions & outlandish claims as to what will or will not happen in the near future (anything from a few years to a few decades)? There isn’t a week

Happy Anniversary!

Anniversaries definitely don’t get any more romantic than this! We all want to spoil the ones we love – well, I know that I do & I don’t consider myself to be very much different to you. But how often do we really get the chance to do just that? My wife & I have