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This year’s big trip is going to be Italy! In addition to the numerous “Mini breaks” that my wife & I take  during the year (why not – it’s one of the big advantages of this Digital Nomad lifestyle!), we always plan one (sometimes two) major trips each year. This year, we have decided on

Are You A Digital Illiterate?

Being digitally literate is an essential for businesses today. There are a surprising number of business operators who are, basically, digitally illiterate – they simply do not understand how to harness technology to improve their business outcomes nor do they understand how the digital world works. But, more importantly, as a consequence of their ignorance

An Englishman At Home

After our amazing “Roman holiday” just a few days earlier, this trip to the UK was always going to struggle to match the highs that Italy provided. Certainly from a weather perspective England cannot hope to compete with the seemingly never ending Italian sunshine – and it never really tried! We were in the UK

The Shift In Doing Business In The 21st Century

How relevant is your business to your customers? It’s a good question to ask but not too many businesses are asking it. Consumers are now less interested in only buying and accumulating more products – their focus has shifted towards experiences, both in terms of the actual buying process & how well their chosen business

There’s No Rain In Spain

One of the advantages of living in Europe is…… that you are so close to so many other countries & cultures. Combine this with the flexibility of the Digital Nomad lifestyle & you have an enormous amount of possibilities to explore! Case in point, my brother is currently living in Spain for a year –


Let’s explore the “Disruptors” of the last seventy years from 1950 to present day. Whilst the 1850’s came out of the industrial revolution (the biggest change to society since the invention of the printing press), the 1950’s came out of WWII (the biggest global conflict of all time). Transportation has changed dramatically – but not


Disruptive technologies are Everywhere – or so it seems! There is hardly a week goes by without some new invention or piece of technology threatening to reshape the world as we know it & causing many businesses & industries to teeter on the brink of extinction. In this environment, it is easy to believe that


The timeline of technological disruptions to society is huge! They are not all listed here, just the major ones – which have been grouped into two blocks of 70 years. The fist block being for the period 1850-1920 & the second from 1950 -2016. 1850-1920 Picture a world with no electricity, using horse drawn transportation

Walk Like an Egyptian

Is it safe to travel to Egypt? Good question, and my answer is…….. A resounding YES! My wife & I have wanted to travel to the “Land of the Pharaohs” for quite some time. In fact, we were planning on doing so in February 2016 but were put off by dire warnings of a place

5 Mistakes Budding Digital Nomads Make & How To Avoid Them!

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There are 5 common mistakes that many Digital Nomads make. Becoming a Digital Nomad means that you can live & work pretty much anywhere you choose –  it’s an incredible experience and something that is certainly worth the time and effort. But it would be remiss and dishonest to try and ignore the potential pitfalls and